Q: Where is the closest airport?

A: Oakland International Airport is only a couple of miles from the Oracle Arena.  Also both San Francisco and San Jose International airports are not that far away.

Q: What time will the parking lot open?

A: The lots at and Oracle Arena will open two hours before the event begins.

Q: Will there be parking?

A: There will be plenty of paid parking, over 10,000 spots. Remember that your car cannot be left in the parking lots during non event hours. There is also free parking at BART and in the surrounding neighborhoods, but it is recommended that you park in the secured paid parking lot.

Q: Can I rest in my car in the parking lot after the show ends?

A: Unfortunately not. Sleeping in cars in parking lots is just not allowed. Make sure you have a designated driver who is well rested for the drive home.

Q: What if I’m too intoxicated to drive home?

A: A cab line will be available at GATE G on the south side of the venue and BART will be running until 3AM on New Year\’s Eve for your convenience.